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Another Silverstein Institute Success: EarKare Testimonial

Written by Silverstein Institute
Published: 26 Jul 2016

EarKaresolution.jpegWhen I first came to see you years ago, you recommended that I stop poking things into my ears and try EarKARE to remove ear wax.  It is a fantastic product! It is easy to use and it works so well, you always notice when examining my ears.

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I like that and certainly recommend its use. M. Harris Doctor Silverstein’s EarKare Cleansing wash is the BEST thing I’ve ever used. It has made such a difference in the quality of my ear health and hearing!!! I have bought several kits as gifts for family members and they all say the same thing - “this stuff is great”! Now any time I hear anyone complaining about their ears, I tell them go get some EarKare Cleansing Wash from Dr. Silverstein. You will be amazed how different you feel! Thank You Dr. Silverstein for the wonderful care you are providing for me and also for such a great product!!! I will never use a Q/tip in my ears again!!! 


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