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Another Silverstein Success Story: Meniere’s Disease/Vertigo

Written by Silverstein Institute
Published: 08 Nov 2016

AdobeStock_64169895.jpegAfter being diagnosed with Meniere’s 6 years ago I underwent multiple tests, balance therapy and an inner ear procedure that my local audiologist recommended. Unfortunately, it resulted in my vertigo attacks becoming more frequent. When they had exhausted this clinic’s resources for Meniere’s, I was advised to seek a second opinion.

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Through the Vestibular Disorders Association, I was invited to apply for an upcoming clinical study for Meniere’s. They directed me to the Silverstein Institute (SI). Unfortunately, I did not qualify for the study due to earlier treatments. Then my life took on a positive turn when Dr. Rosenberg of the SI said he could still help me.

In June/July 2016, Dr. Rosenberg and his team conducted tests and performed a Microwick procedure on the balance nerve. This unique technique pioneered by Dr. Silverstein is an outpatient procedure. For me it returned a quality of life I had not experienced for over 6 years.

Since undergoing this procedure I no longer experience vomiting, double vision, pressure headaches, room spinning, being bedridden for 4 to 8 hours a day twice a week or needing assistance to walk.

If you suffer with Meniere’s Disease related vertigo, I urge you to contact the Silverstein Institute. They are specialists in this field.  

G. Phillips

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