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Balance Problems: 5 Ways to Prevent Falls

Written by Silverstein Institute
Published: 12 Oct 2020

Prevent FallsBalance problems can strike anyone at some point in their lives. When these issues develop, it is important to take steps to stay safe. Below are five easy tips on how to prevent falls.

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1. Keep Rooms Free of Clutter

A great first step to making falls less likely is focusing on cutting down on any clutter lingering around the house. The fewer things out in the open, the fewer opportunities one has to trip. Basic steps like this may seem so simple that they can be overlooked, but the effects they can have are well worth the effort.

2. Keep Moving

It would be very easy to be discouraged by recurring balance problems and decide to minimize any time spent on one's feet. This, however, can compound the possibility of falls. Staying on one's feet and moving around helps keep the muscles toned and the body prepared to stay upright. With a doctor's permission, exercises like Tai Chi can be a wonderful technique to help keep the body in good shape.

3. Wear Sensible Shoes

The feet are an important aspect of the body's ability to remain in balance. When balance problems develop, frequently a careful attention to one's footwear can help mitigate the worst symptoms. The bottoms of the feet provide valuable information to the brain about the body's position and motion, and wearing flatter shoes or no shoes at all can help one's feet send the proper signals to the brain, making balancing easier.

4. Good Lighting

Much like de-cluttering, lighting up one's home will help cut down dramatically the opportunities to trip. In a well-lit space, the possibility for tripping diminishes, as any small objects or irregularities in the flooring will be less concealed. Keeping a living space lit up is a must do.

5. Use Assistive Devices

One of the most useful areas to explore in light of balance problems is devices that will assist in staying upright. These can range from canes, walkers, and the like, to extra handrails on staircases or in the bathtub. A moment of dizziness or weakness can strike at any time, and having the materials nearby to prevent that fall can do a world of good.

If balance problems have become an issue in your life, contact the Silverstein Institute today. Our specialists will be happy to work with you on diagnosing, treating, and curing any disorders that have led to your balance problems.

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