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Balloon Sinuplasty Vs. Traditional Procedures

Written by Silverstein Institute
Published: 21 Sep 2020

Breathing in fresh air is vital to our health. The function of our nose is to not only help us smell, but it plays a part in our respiratory system. It is important to our health that we can breathe through our nose


Our Sinuses: Their Purposes and Locations

As the Journal Review states, "breathing through the nose warms, filters and humidifies the air. Each of these is important to the health of the delicate tissues of the nose, lower airways and lungs." Our sinuses are located in the butterfly area of our face, as shown on WebMD.  

  • Maxillary sinuses are in the cheekbones.
  • Frontal sinuses are located just above the  eyebrows, on either side of the nose.
  • Ethmoid sinuses are on either side of the nose, between our eyes.
  • Sphenoid sinuses are "in bones behind your nose."

Sinus Problems Hinder Breathing Capabilities

When anyone experiences sinus problems, it's hard to breathe in air through the nose. Sinusitis plagues many people with one or more symptoms, including headaches, nasal obstruction, drainage, and facial pressure. While chronic sinusitis is the most common sinus problem, other sinus problems require traditional procedures.

Balloon Sinuplasty for Treating Chronic Sinusitis

Balloon Sinuplasty is a quick and ultra-minimally invasive office procedure that takes approximately 10  to 15.  

Procedure:  Under local anesthesia, a balloon is passed into the natural sinus opening for dilation. Upon the balloon dilation, the natural drainage is reestablished. 

Post-Op Care: Minimal follow-up is needed because the procedure doesn't cause any crusting or significant drainage. Sometimes, a prescription for an antibiotic or steroid will be part of a patient's post-op care. Most patients can return to work the same day. It's rarely more than a day or two that others can return to school or whatever they need to do. 

Insurance Coverage: Most insurances cover this procedure. It's a preferable option because it's an in-office procedure that is less costly than other sinus procedures.

Traditional Procedures for Treating Complex Sinus Problems

When allergy medicines and antibiotics do not cure chronic sinus problems to allow natural drainage of the sinuses, a surgical procedure may be necessary. Traditional surgical procedures require going to an operating room under general anesthesia. There is more time needed for performing these procedures as well as for the healing process, requiring multiple post-operative visits for follow-up. 

  • Septoplasty is the procedure to correct a deviated septum.
  • Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) is a minimally invasive procedure to explore the nasal cavities. 
  • Sinus Surgery is an invasive procedure, necessary for abnormal sinus blockages. 

CT Scan Determines Balloon Sinuplasty vs. Traditional Procedures

Balloon Sinuplasty is often the right procedure for people with chronic sinusitis, but a Cat Scan of the Sinuses will determine if a patient is a candidate for this procedure. The CT Scan will show if a patient has inflammation of the sinus lining, fluid build-up, polyps, or other abnormalities. Your ENT specialist will determine the procedure that is most beneficial to you.  

At Silverstein Institute, our physicians and staff are proud to provide compassionate and highly-skilled patient care in the treatment of ear, nose, and throat disorders. Our state-of-the-art organizations of professionals continue to dedicate themselves to the innovation of procedures to improve our patients' health and well-being. 

If you're suffering from sinus problems, you don't have to suffer or let your health suffer. Let us help you enjoy the freedom to breathe in fresh air through your nose that your lungs require. We're here, and we look forward to helping you enjoy life and the air that you breathe every day.

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