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Benefits of Telemedicine for Physicians, Patients, and Insurers

Written by Silverstein Institute
Published: 21 Dec 2020


Telemedicine is a rapidly growing form of receiving medical advice and more people consider it an acceptable approach to treating patients that do not need to see a medical professional in person. Physicians, patients, and insurance companies are beginning to realize the benefits this remote healthcare technology offers.

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The Benefits of Telemedicine

According to Medical, Marketing, and Media (MM&M), "some doctors and health companies are beginning to embrace telemedicine to make healthcare more accessible, affordable, and easier on patients." As "Dr. Tania Elliott, MD, FAAAAI, FACAA, associate attending, NYU Langone Health" states, "the biggest barrier is lack of familiarity; once somebody does a video visit, they're hooked." 

  1. Chronic Care Follow-Up is Easier
    Patients that need to see their physician multiple times throughout the year for chronic conditions are more likely to follow doctor's orders. These patients with chronic conditions will be accessing the system more, and their measure of quality and the effectiveness of care will fall into line. Telemedicine makes it easier for patients—both with chronic conditions and short term ones—to see a doctor quicker.

  2. Helps Build Better Relationships with Patients
    Physicians who are able to see their patients more often will become more connected with their patients through face-to-face conversation. Lots of patients who would’ve simply shrugged off their symptoms will now be more likely to receive a digital checkup and build a rapport with their doctors.

  3. Reach More Patients
    The ability to reach patients digitally means becoming more available to more people. Like we said above, people are more likely to speak with you when it’s more convenient for them and with telemedicine, it’s never been more convenient. Not to mention people who are simply unable to come into the office.

The Benefits for Patients Utilizing Telemedicine as an Added Healthcare Option

Like so many of us are enjoying the conveniences of advanced technology, telemedicine offers convenience healthcare to patients. While convenience is a factor in the evolution of telemedicine, there are other benefits that patients do and will realize, as shared by Chiron, a telemedicine company.

  1. No Transportation Costs—Patients do not have to deal with the stress of getting to an appointment on time.

  2. No Need to Take Time Off of Work—Patients can see their doctor conveniently from anywhere.

  3. Eliminate Child or Elder Care Issues—Patients do not have to worry about finding help or taking a loved one with them.

  4. On-Demand Options—Patients have online telemedicine options whenever their physician is not available.

  5. Access to Specialists—Patients and primary care physicians can easily meet with a specialist for follow-up.

  6. Less Chance of Catching a New Illness—Patient, and others, are less exposed to waiting room germs.

  7. Less Time in the Waiting Room—Patients experience minimal wait times at medical offices offering telemedicine.

  8.  Better Health—Patients with easier access to medical care are more likely to follow through on medical advice and instruction.

Insurances are Embracing the Future of Telemedicine 

Insurance companies are seeing healthcare savings with telemedicine, also, and you can see how quickly the technology is being integrated by insurance companies. 

In 2018, 80% of companies with more than 500 employees offered some kind of telehealth service as part of their insurance plan, compared to only 18% in 2014, according to Mercer's 2018 National Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans.

As already mentioned, the present challenge of telemedicine is getting patients to embrace it. But even that is becoming a significantly smaller issue over time.

At Silverstein Institute, we welcome innovation to offer patients better healthcare options in the treatment of ear, nose, and throat disorders. We're here to offer a state-of-the-art organization to help our patients improve their health and well-being.



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