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Florida Allergy Sufferers Can Seek Treatment at the Silverstein Institute [VIDEO]

Written by Silverstein Institute
Published: 10 May 2018

Many people suffer from worse allergies in Florida compared to other areas that they have lived in. This is common because of the long seasons in Florida, resulting in very minimal time when there is something not in bloom.

In this video, Claire Teitsch, LPN, Allergy Supervisor at The Silverstein Institute explains how to treat, the type of treatment, and the length of treatment required to desensitize and alleviate your Florida allergies.

How to Treat

  1. The first step is to meet with a doctor to ensure there are no underlying causes of the symptoms and to get approved for allergy testing if necessary.
  2. After approved, you will get tested to identify the triggers causing your allergies to both foods and inhalants. This process takes a little over an hour.
  3. Once the triggers are detected you can begin the necessary treatment.

Treatment Length

Although relief of your symptoms is typically felt sometime around three to six months, the entire treatment process usually takes between three to five years unless new triggers begin to appear.

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Type of Treatment

Treatment options for your allergies are either weekly shots or daily sublingual therapy. The goal of treatment is to retrain the immunse system so as to not react to the trigger.

Allergy Shots

  • 1-3 shots are administered at the doctor once a week for the duration of the 3-5 year treatment.
  • Each week the dosage is increased.
  • A side effect that may be experienced is some localized itching where the shots are administered.

Sublingual Immunotherapy

  • Sublingual Therapy is administered at home daily.
  • A solution made of the allergens is placed under the tongue once per day.
  • A side effect that may be experienced is some localized itching or numbness where the solution is administered.

Typically, the deciding factor for treatment options is cost. Sublingual therapy is not covered by insurance. Although the shots usually involve a copay or deductible they are usually covered somewhat by insurance.

To get tested and to begin treatment for your Florida allergies visit the Silverstein Institute today.

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