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Hearing Loss and Implantable Hearing Devices

Written by Silverstein Institute
Published: 29 Sep 2014

Implantable Hearing Devicescochlear implant
When hearing aids are no longer strong enough to help patients hear, another option is implantable hearing devices. There are many difference kinds – ranging from bone conduction and bone anchored hearing devices to osseointegrated devices to middle ear implants to cochlear implants to dental implants (Soundbite System). You no longer have to be profoundly deaf to qualify for an implantable hearing device and patients range from 6 months to 80+ years in age. Dr. Jack Wazen and Audiologist Suzannah Hagan recently discussed hearing loss and implantable hearing devices with Heidi Godman on WSRQ’s Health Check program. To listen to the complete interview, click here.

Watch the video below to see Dr. Jack Wazen, MD, FACS, discuss Baha Systems.

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