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How Do I Cure Dizziness?

Written by Silverstein Institute
Published: 23 Nov 2020

Do you suffer from dizziness? The good news is you are not alone. Around 15 million people in the United States suffer from dizziness, which can be caused due to many health issues, including sinus, tinnitus and balance disorders. They go pillar to post in hunt of remedies, medication or even miracles that can rid them of dizziness but in vain. This health condition can be rather debilitating and you must be wondering how do I cure dizziness. If you want to cure your dizziness, the first step is finding out what causes it. Once the cause is known, you will be able to get the right treatment for it, thereby curing it. 

Why Am I Getting So Dizzy?



Causes of Dizziness

Dizziness is an all-encompassing term used when people have balance disorders, vertigo or lightheadedness. However, the treatment for dizziness varies based on the root problem.

Balance Disorder

If you tend to stumble or fall, you could be suffering from imbalance or balance disorders. This can occur due to diabetic neuropathy, stroke, TIA(transient ischemic attack) or infection in the inner ear. Even a tumor in the ear can play havoc with your balance, as can Parkinson’s disease and MS(multiple sclerosis). Usually, if the underlying condition is treated, your balance is restored and you will find your dizziness disappearing in no time!


Vertigo usually occurs when you have an inner ear problem, like Meniere’s disease, due to which fluid builds up inside your ear. This has an adverse effect on the working of the inner ear, resulting in vertigo. People, who suffer from vertigo, also tend to have tinnitus, which is constant ringing in the ear. This can be accompanied with hearing loss in the affected ear. Other causes of vertigo include benign positional vertigo (floating crystals in the inner ear). allergies, certain medication, bacterial or viral infection, trauma to the head, migraine, brain tumor and stroke.


When lightheadedness is not accompanied with vertigo, there can be several reasons for it. If you have high or low blood pressure, you can develop lightheadedness. It also can occur due to arrhythmia, low blood sugar, hypothyroidism, hormonal imbalance and postural hypotension.


Curing Dizziness

Medical science has advanced sufficiently to ensure your dizziness can not only be treated but also cured. For instance, if you are diagnosed with benign positional vertigo, an Eply maneuver can get rid of your dizziness. Vestibular rehabilitation given by a trained physical therapist can improve or cure many cases of imbalance.

The key is getting the right diagnosis and at the right time. Often we tend to neglect a nagging headache and blame it on work or stress. We miss an underlying condition and allow for it to progress into more serious ailments. If you have dizziness for 10 or more days, it is best to consult an ENT specialist and get a complete audiology and balance test done. If your dizziness is caused due to ear, nose, and throat (ENT) disorders, an ENT specialist will be apt.

The specialist also will be able to refer you to another specialist, such as a cardiologist, endocrinologist or neurologist if your dizziness is caused due to cardiovascular disease, brain tumor or diabetes.

In case you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy ENT office, look no further than the Silverstein Institute located in Sarasota and Venice in Florida. It is one of the world’s leading research center where you can avail advanced diagnostics and treatment for disorders related to head, neck, ear, nose, and throat.

The Silverstein Institute has carved a niche for itself in the world of ENT diagnosis and care and you can rest assured knowing your dizziness will be correctly diagnosed, treated and cured, be it due to balance disorders, tinnitus, sinus or Meniere’s disease.

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