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Prosthetic Ears in Sarasota

Written by Silverstein Institute
Published: 16 Jun 2014

For many individuals who have suffered a trauma resulting in the loss of an ear their life is forever changed. Despite the best efforts of society to create a community which does not alienate or unforgivably dehumanize individuals, the reality is that is can be quite difficult for those people who have altered anatomical features. Ear doctors deal with a variety of patients who have genetic deformities, combat serious diseases, or suffered a trauma which has resulted in the loss of a portion or the entire ear. For these patients, the best approach is often to have a professional prosthetic ear custom designed to replace this natural feature.

Past prosthetic devices have always presented the complication of an inability to blend the color and materials into the surrounding anatomical features. This obvious artificial appearance inevitably presents an equal issue of a pronounced physical deficit by drawing more attention to the prosthetic device. For some patients this burden weighs heavily upon them as they deal with even more unwanted attention. Ear doctors are sensitive to the emotional and physical needs of their patients as they balance treatment with an effort to fit within the general population.

With the passing of time, the materials, colors, and artistic methods have advanced to include techniques capable of creating prosthetic masterpieces. Ear doctors are now confident when they recommend a prosthetic device knowing that the fitting and final appearance will be as close a match to the natural features and skin tone of the person wearing it. The custom ear pieces are created by maxillofacial prosthetists whose expertise and training have resulted in the incredible fixtures which cannot be distinguished from natural body features.

To further the natural appearance of the prosthetic ear, new surgical techniques have slowly been developed to present surgeons with additional possibilities in the placement as well as the methods which are used to hold the device in place. These are important advances for patients and ear doctors because a common complication of the prosthetic ear is its lack of tolerance for high humidity and temperatures.

The glue recommended to be used by ear doctors to hold the fixture in place must be flexible as well as non irritating to the patient's skin. These needs have resulted in less than desirable glue combinations that often do not perform well with higher temperatures and humidity levels. This is especially evident for patients who enjoy vigorous physical activity or live in regions known to routinely have high temperatures and humid weather conditions. Instead of holding the fixture in place under these conditions, the fixtures often slide out of position or completely fall off at inopportune moments creating a special set of circumstances that ear doctors have valiantly sought remedies to.

Ear doctors, such as Dr Jack Wazen, have devised techniques which will eliminate the need for unreliable glues. To better hold the prosthetic device in a correct anatomical position, snaps rather than glue is a primary approach which is being recommended. With the strategic surgical placement of snaps to the side of a patient's head, these can then be aligned with snaps that have been embedded in the custom ear fixture. With snaps, the possibility of the prosthetic sliding out of place or suddenly falling away is dramatically reduced and delivered a highly anticipated solution to the problem ear doctors and patients have been battling.

The combined approach of advances developed by ear doctors in synthetic materials, specialized techniques for creating a natural appearance and surgical options are now offering individuals a chance at an engaging social experience without fear of complications from the fixture and callous comments. Patients who suffer with anatomical abnormalities of the ear now have more options through ear doctors like those found at the Silverstein Institute. These advances in medical approaches limit the anxiety and lack of confidence many individuals combat as a result of the loss of their ear, or a misfitted prosthetic.

At the Silverstein Institute, ear doctors such as Dr. Wazen have committed their knowledge and skills to developing ground breaking techniques to aid patients in their quest for solutions to their hearing and balance troubles. Recognized repeatedly as a top doctor, the expertise of Dr. Wazen is nationally recognized as a leading authority in this specialized field.




















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