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Q & A: Hearing Tests

Written by Silverstein Institute
Published: 07 Jul 2016

Hearing TestQ: Why do I need a hearing test if I think my hearing is fine?





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A: Many people tend not to get their hearing checked until they begin experiencing symptoms of hearing loss, but a hearing test can let you know what kind of problems could occur and more importantly how to prevent them. It is also important to have a baseline measurement of your hearing. Then we can determine over time if your ability to hear is declining. And finally, many people are unaware that they actually already have some mild hearing loss.

If it is determined that there is some hearing loss, a hearing test can help the ENT in the following ways:

  1. To determine if hearing in both ears is symmetrical. Asymmetrical hearing may indicate a problem such as an acoustic neuroma, which should be addressed.
  2. To determine if a hearing loss is a nerve loss, which may be helped with hearing aids or an implant, or if the hearing loss is a conductive loss, which may be helped with surgery.
  3. To determine if there is a low frequency loss or high frequency loss. These results give clues as to how the hearing loss occurred, such as loud noise exposure or Meniere's disease.

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