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Understanding Sleep Apnea: Symptoms and Treatment with Dr. Abdo [VIDEO]

Written by Silverstein Institute
Published: 23 Feb 2018

Are you, your significant other or your children having excessive trouble with your snoring at night? This could be caused by a multitude of things, however one main cause that you should be aware of is Sleep Apnea. In this video Dr. Abdo explains the causes of sleep apnea and snoring and touches on the treatment available.


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 Determining the Cause of Your Snoring

To determine the cause of your snoring, a flexible scope will be used to examine the airways and throat. If there are any structural causes which you should be aware of then these will be addressed. A sleep study may also be recommended if you are a good-fit candidate. A sleep study can be done at home although that approach is not as accurate in comparison to having it done in a lab.

Treatment Options

There are different options depending on the cause of your snoring and restless nights. For physical issues in the nasal cavity or throat there are surgical procedures which can be done, depending on the cause, which will help to correct the issue.

If the snoring is a result of Sleep Apnea then a CPAP Machine will be recommended. A CPAP Machine will help with positive airway pressure which takes care of the apnea as well as assists with the snoring.

If you or someone else you know struggles with snoring then we look forward to helping! Contact us to make an appointment at the Silverstein Institute today.

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