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Voice Loss and Hoarseness

Written by Silverstein Institute
Published: 11 Aug 2014

Do you have a raspy voice? Can't hit high notes? Don't risk damaging and losing your voice. Laryngitis, nodules, polyps, papilloma, dysplasia, cancer and reflux can all be causes of changes to your voice. Dr. JP Gniady, a Silverstein Institute specialist in throat, voice, airway and swallowing disorders, and Amy Arrant, a speech pathologist from Sarasota Memorial Hospital’s Rehabilitation Services, discuss the classic signs that your voice is faltering along with diagnosis and treatment options for voice disorders. New advances in laryngoscopy can help the physician detect the smallest of abnormalities. To listen to the podcast of their interview with Heidi Godman on WSRQ’s Health Check program, click here.

PODCAST – Voice Loss and Hoarseness with Dr. J.P. Gniady and Amy Arrant, SLP – WSRQ Health Check Podcast with Heidi Godman – May 20, 2014

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