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What is Telemedicine?

Written by Silverstein Institute
Published: 24 Aug 2020

Technology has changed the face of nearly every aspect of our daily lives. With more people living a busy lifestyle, technology has become an essential tool in simplifying our lives. In medicine, the latest technological advance has come in the form of telemedicine and the ability to receive medical advice from anywhere you are.

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What Is Telemedicine? 

Telemedicine is remote medical treatment also referred to as telehealth. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, "a remote medical visit is defined as the practice of medicine using technology to deliver care at a distance." 

Today, you can connect with your doctor conveniently over the internet or telephone and patients have the option of a remote consultation via their mobile device or using video software. 


How Does Telemedicine Work?

Essentially, telemedicine is the ability to connect with your patients digitally or over the phone. You can offer a virtual face-to-face consultation or a simple phone call can suffice. Technology offers many advantages in telemedicine for the healthcare provider and the patient, too. Even most insurance providers are now including some kind of telemedical benefits into their coverage.


Remote medical services provides an opportunity to: 

  • discuss medical symptoms/issues 
  • monitor readings from a medical device 
  • get a diagnosis 
  • discuss treatment options 
  • get a prescription 
  • follow-up visits/manage ongoing care 
  • get a checkup 
  • narrow the time in between appointments 
  • limit the number of emergency room visits 


What Are The Benefits Of Remote Medical Care 

For an ear, nose, and throat doctor/patient, telemedicine saves time, reduces medical costs,, increases patient/doctor engagement, increases access to care, and improves patient satisfaction. 

More people are simply on the go or isolated these days and enjoy the advances that technology has provided to medicine. Telemedicine offers an easier way for patients to meet with their provider remotely. Rural area patients also have greater access to healthcare than before without having to travel long distances.

The convenience, flexibility, and real-time care of telemedicine are the top advantages to the doctor and the patient. Patients won't have to sacrifice the quality of service because they still have access to a high standard of care while also having input on their treatment too.  


Why Is Telemedicine Popular? Does It Really Work? 

According to a Global Insight Report, "the telemedicine industry is expected to grow into a $130.5 billion network by 2025." 

Since 2015, remote visits have grown by 20% each year. For the patient, remote visits set a new financial model that gives them access to affordable healthcare and has greatly contributed to recent growth. Many health experts believe that telemedicine is the future of healthcare. 

Being able to access medical treatment over the internet works and has given physicians the opportunity to connect with their patients.



Stay healthy, stay engaged! At Silverstein Institute, the needs of our patients is top priority and we're dedicated to the convenient care of the ears, nose, and throat. Contact us or give us a call at (941)366-9222 to schedule a telemedicine consultation today!



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