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Why Does It Feel like There Is Something Stuck in My Throat?

Written by Silverstein Institute
Published: 14 Dec 2020

Globus Sensation is the feeling that something is stuck in your throat. According to Dr. J.P. Gniady, MD, FACS at The Silverstein Institute this is one of the more common things that patients come into the office with. Although the cause tends to not be worrisome, Dr. Gniady explains the testing procedure and potential next steps for treatment.


The first thing that needs to be completed is a visual assessment. A small, flexible camera is inserted into the nose to allow for a visual diagnosis all the way down the throat. This process is not painful. To ease any potential discomfort, a spray is issued which opens up the airways and lightly numbs the area.


Most of the time the cause of Globus Sensation ends up being acid reflux or tight muscles. If this is the case, your doctor will work with you to identify what is triggering these things to help eliminate your discomfort.

If, however, the problem ends up being something more serious, such as a tumor or lesion, the next step would be a biopsy. Even in these instances though, the vast majority are very treatable when detected early enough.

To get relief of your Globus Sensation and to get back the feeling of swallowing normal again come visit us at The Silverstein Institute.

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