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Sarasota Doctor Awarded The International Osseo Award

Written by Silverstein Institute
Published: 27 Jun 2017

International Osseo AwardIn May, Dr. Jack J. Wazen was awarded the international Bone Conduction Hearing “Osseo” Award at the 6th International Congress on Bone Conduction Hearing and Related Technologies in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. The recipient of this award is specifically selected by Dr. Tjellström and the other members of the international executive Osseo Award committee. 

Dr. Wazen’s extensive research on patients with single sided deafness (SSD) and bone-anchored hearing devices as contralateral routing of sound (CROS) devices as a solution is what has earned him recognition with this prestigious award. The award originates from Professor Anders Tjellström and the tremendous improvements he has made to the field of osseointegration biotechnology. Dr. Tjellström currently conducts research at the University of Gothenburg and has been a pioneer in Bone Anchored Hearing Aids and osseointegrated implant retained ear prosthesis.

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Dr. Wazen said, “I am truly humbled to receive the Osseo Award, particularly since it was handed to me by Dr. Anders Tjellström himself, the creator and originator of the osseointegrated hearing implant technology. I have always looked up to Dr. Tjellström and the previous award recipients and appreciated their contributions to the field. I am very honored to join them this year as an Osseo award recipient.”

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