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What is a Light-Driven Hearing Aid?

Written by Silverstein Institute
Published: 31 May 2017

Light-Driven Hearing AidHow you perceive life, experience life and hear life makes a big difference, which is why Earlens has taken technology to a whole new level with the newest and most refined hearing aid yet. Hearing aids have been an incredible technological advancement that has changed the world for many people.

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Introducing the first ever light-driven hearing aid that utilizes light to transmit sound. The Earlens light-driven hearing technology is an exciting new alternative, designed specifically for those who desire the most natural sound available from their personal hearing solution. Earlens promises better, richer, and more complete sound all around.

How Does It Work?

The Earlens hearing aid is the only hearing aid that uses light to transmit sound, making it remarkably different to the conventional hearing aid. It performs by activating a custom Lens that lightly vibrates the eardrum. This is the closest science has gotten to replicating the natural hearing process.

What Are The Benefits?

Besides the terrific advancement in hearing technology, here are 5 benefits that put the Earlens light technology in a league of it's own:

  1. Fuller spectrum of sound: This spectrum in its entirety offers a rich and more complete hearing, surpassing any previous experiences.
  2. Automatic adjustment to environment: Have you ever struggled to adapt effectively when your environment noise level changes? This advanced technology changes to suit your hearing need in that exact moment.
  3. Improves communication: Contact with family and friends is much easier and inclusive when you feel part of the conversation. Know exactly what is being said, instead of struggling on the sidelines.
  4. Easy wireless recharging: No more fumbling over small batteries as you attempt to change them when needed.
  5. High satisfaction rate: A clinical study has shown that 95% of Earlens users were satisfied with the sound quality they experienced.

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