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Senior Hearing Loss: 10 Myths About Hearing Aids

Written by Silverstein Institute
Published: 27 Apr 2016

Senior Hearing AidSenior hearing loss is not an uncommon issue and can be attributed to a variety of causes. The problem can often be corrected by having a hearing aid fitted, but there are many myths regarding their use. Here are ten of the more common misrepresentations.

Hearing aids are bulky.
In the past, this was the case, however the implementation of new technology has allowed hearing aids to become considerably smaller and more discreet with some small enough to fit in the ear canal.

Hearing aids are only for severe and senior hearing loss.
There are many levels of hearing loss and as many types of hearing devices to improve it. A person suffering from mild to moderate loss could gain a great deal from the use of an aid.

Hearing aids do not help with tinnitus.
There are hearing aids available that create a background or masking noise to reduce the effect of tinnitus.

Hearing aids do not help where there is a lot of background noise.
Many hearing aids are equipped with speech enhancers that lessen background noise and amplify speech.

A hearing aid can damage hearing.
A thorough assessment by a trained audiologist is required before a hearing aid is recommended. A properly fitted aid will not damage hearing.

An invisible hearing aid is the best.
The type of hearing aid needed is the one that corrects the audio issue. There is no best type that covers all needs. Again, this is for an audiologist to assess.

Money can be saved by buying a hearing aid online.
Before a hearing aid is selected, a hearing evaluation, a hearing aid fit check and a number of other tests are carried out by the professional. An off the shelf aid will not necessarily be fit for purpose and may cause hearing damage.

Hearing aids restore hearing to normal.
Hearing aids cannot cure hearing loss, they improve hearing and the ability to communicate.

The hearing loss cannot be helped.
In the past, this was true but surgical or medical options, including hearing devices, can now assist most types of hearing loss, regardless of cause.

Senior hearing loss is normal.
No form of hearing loss is considered normal and most can be corrected regardless of age.

Senior hearing loss is not inevitable and can be corrected. Always seek advice from a trained audiologist before making a decision regarding a hearing aid. Contact us at Silverstein Institute for more information or to make an appointment.

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